Job Opportunity

Superintendent Opr Barge Loading Conveyor

Permanent Employee

East Kalimantan- Site


1 September – 30 September 2021








  • Assist project manager to complete the project prophase preparation, including the review of design, material preparation, chaired the meeting of Rig remove
  • Guidance and supervision of offshore construction project, to assist the project manager and technical problems encountered in the owner’s project construction for communication, negotiation; at sea during the period of construction project management;


  • Minimum Bachelor Degree any discipline, over 20 years of experience in the management, construction and operation of Marine engineering projects (among them, over 15 years of installation and transportation of offshore structures;
  • Experience in Marine pipe, vertical pipe and expansion bend installation, more than 10 years of employment background and at least 10 large Marine engineering projects.
  • Have various types of Marine engineering structures, subsea pipeline construction experience, and engineering design and construction standards and specifications
  • Grasp the international forefront of ocean engineering design, construction and construction management experience;
  • Familiar with offshore operation specification and process;
  • Have offshore installation platform, subsea pipeline construction experience, familiar with offshore construction process and construction preparation,
  • Permanent position, East Kalimantan Site placement

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